Top-Rated Sod Installation & Lawn Replacement Services in Central Florida

Landworx of Brevard is a leading sod lawn installation and landscaping specialist in Brevard County, FL serving all of Central Florida. We are committed to helping both homeowners and business owners enhance the aesthetic and value of their outdoor spaces with our top-notch sod landscaping services.

Comprehensive Sod and Landscaping Services

We offer a wide range of sod and landscaping services designed to meet your specific needs. Our primary service, sod installation, encompasses the removal of old grass, soil preparation, and the laying of new sod. Additionally, we provide a variety of landscaping services to complement your new lawn.

  • Sod Delivery: Get the best prices and speedy delivery for all types of sod.
  • Sod Installation: Our skilled team will meticulously remove your old lawn, prepare the soil, and install fresh, high-quality sod to create a beautiful and healthy lawn.
  • Landscaping Services: Our services include planting, mulching, and irrigation system installation to enhance the beauty and health of your outdoor space.
  • Irrigation System Installation: A well-designed irrigation system is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn. We can design and install a customized irrigation system for your property.

Serving Central Florida’s East Coast & Beyond

Whether you’re in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach, or anywhere in Brevard County, we’re here to turn your lawn dreams into reality. Our local expertise and commitment to excellence ensure that your new sod will flourish in our unique Florida climate.

Why Choose Landworx of Brevard for Sod Delivery and Installation?

Freshness Delivered Daily

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of old, dried-out sod. At Landworx, we believe in providing the best. That’s why our selection of top-quality sod is freshly cut daily, ensuring you get the greenest, healthiest turf for your lawn.

Convenience at Your Doorstep

Busy schedules and scorching Florida heat? We’ve got you covered. Our convenient sod delivery service brings the beauty of a new lawn right to your doorstep. No need to spend your precious time navigating crowded stores or loading and unloading heavy rolls or pieces of sod.

Expert Installation, Stress-Free Results

Laying sod in the Florida heat can be a daunting task. With Landworx of Brevard, you can relax while our experienced professionals handle the installation for you. Our skilled team ensures precise placement, proper watering, and meticulous care, giving your new sod the best chance to thrive.

Picture-Perfect Lawns, Minus the Sweat

Imagine the envy of your neighbors when they see your lush, perfectly manicured lawn. With Landworx’s sod delivery and installation services, you can enjoy the beauty without the sweat. Our services save you time and effort, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without the stress.

Sod Installation FAQs

What types of sod do you offer for delivery?

We offer a variety of high-quality sod options to suit your needs, including Zoysia, St. Augustine, Bahia and more. Each type is carefully selected to thrive in Brevard County’s climate.

Is your sod freshly cut?

Yes, we provide freshly cut sod daily for optimal health and vibrancy.

How does the sod delivery process work?

Simply let us know your sod type and quantity, provide your delivery address, and we’ll schedule prompt delivery with an estimated arrival time.

Do you offer same-day delivery?

Yes, we offer same-day delivery within our Brevard County service area, however, given our busy schedule, time of contact and availability varies.

How do I prepare my lawn for sod delivery?

Clear the area of debris and ensure the soil is properly prepared by removing any old grass, weeds, and rocks. Properly water the area the day before delivery to prepare the soil for installation. We offer land grading and prepper services as well.

Contact Us Today for Sod Delivery and Installation in Brevard County

Ready to transform your lawn? Experience the convenience and beauty of our sod delivery and installation services. Contact Landworx of Brevard today to discuss your lawn needs, get a quote, and schedule your hassle-free lawn transformation.

Don’t let the heat and hassle hold you back – Landworx of Brevard has your lawn covered!